Monthly Archives: September 2006

sewing it apart.

i used to think
my secrets
were stitches
when whispered in the dark

but now i know
they’re fish hooks
and pliers
sewing it apart

so tell me all
your secrets
i promise
i won’t leave a mark

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yes. it can.

beautiful disasters
tempered only by unimaginable reality
make the silence
an avalanche
of sadness
until the next
hit comes
and the balance is set back
to chaos at the core


just maybe


towers tumbling left and right
make it hard to see the light
smokey lives burning bright
make it hard to love the night


fragile as the lips
on a whore
don’t ask me where i’m headed
sip slowly
on my soul
if you must
but give me something more
than a lust
for something easy
give me



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current mood.

this love
is burning
a hole in my pocket

i have to spend it away

this life
is burning
bridges behind it

there’s really no other way

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