Monthly Archives: October 2006

red pill. blue pill.

what happens when you take both?

self-help shake
meant for someone else
poured on yer head
but ya gotta finish the cup

scrape out eye-holes
to see for yourself
because that’s what lasts
well it lasts longest

and the 90 to 10-
just looks like that
to monkeys on paper

the timeline’s a lie
like saving the world
or getting the girl
was an easy decision to make

boring A.I.
is what you become
when human emotion
mutates into worse not different

and the silence is noisy
when the two lost souls
swimmin in the fish bowl
are both your own

but you still choose to dance
on the razor’s edge
hoping to cut
all the ghosts away

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. . .

if you stand long enough
the view starts to change
burning away
like witches at the stake

if you run long enough
you’re in the same place
spinning the day
like hamsters in a cage

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. . .

wash this love off my hands
my beauty’s only skin deep
my breath smells like life
and my sins are mine to keep

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