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in a consciousness above duality, the divinity within embraces fear, and the fears of those fears, so that all that is becomes a void where creation is choice and i’m god. don’t be jealous, you’re me!

figuring out how to incorporate all of this into current reality is too exhausting and probably impossible so i think it’s time to choose a new dimension. this is what’s funny/annoying. i had a fear that for the rest of my life every so often i’d read old post-its, being blown over in realizing deeper depths of meaning, making so much more sense… and i may. this is evolution by degrees. some of the same things cross-over into new realities. i wonder if ‘death’ is gonna be being born. i can always choose something else! yes. let’s see how this thing plays out. i might choose it after all. maybe i already did. maybe?!

i am love.
and so are you.

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. . .

monkey cymbals crashing loud
talk in circles walk on lines
how much does your shadow weigh?
put it in the genius box
flying is much easier
when there’s nothing in the way

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the tree falling.

and it sounds like this.

something comes in through the door, and it’s thousands of years of saying this same thing. the eyes! the eyes! not the wily hair, but the eyes hold the key of it all happened before.

a rusty boomerang and it comes back go(l)d.

using the filters, down to the last one, the tiny hows, and everything becomes still, crystallized into it’s purest form of being. thoughts, words, actions, existence itself. cuz none of this is possible. and the filter of pure intention, then the filter of how, and all of it is expression of self, and the mirrors are, too.

being on the elevator, with a floor of one. up and down buttons to kill time or distract. it’s already moving up to one, constantly, just sing to myself cuz it’s what feels good.

a pocket of vacuum turns into laughter at how funny it is that we ever believed or thought we were physical at all. but of course we would, it was all a play, and we’ve come back to reality, woops there goes gravity. so that’s what this was all about all along. the earth isn’t flat. paradigms of reality are never what they were believed to be at first. and the what if, what if it is? and then ahahhaaahahaa flying is the natural state of things.

night vision is being able to see in the dark, and what do i see? the structure of the universe. a cell is a galaxy, and that’s no accident. all of it has holes, forever, past infinite.

the skin balloon tied off at the navel and really, what is outside of it is the same thing that’s within it. growth is gross with a lisp.

there’s always an omen. up against the wall. long ago being described as “vicious if cornered”. until being cornered becomes invisible, cuz there’s no wall to be up against.

the other dimensions are here right now, the idea of them was misleading in the first place. sci-fi is both the bearer of truth and the puppetry of miscommunication. ascension and vision. all of it happens in the space between my temples. (and what of that? the temples being called that at all, again no accident. a temple is house of god. it houses god. idolatry is the mind. what’s left is divine.)

doing what i’m doing now, explosion of self, then the goals change to reflect the new order of things. isn’t it amazing to think? and happy is the point, crazy is irrelevant, none of it’s real and all of it’s here.

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