Monthly Archives: November 2007

was is be

what if everyone did what they really wanted to do, when they asked their hearts for the answer, without fear?

what if my heartmind was the big bang, starting out the size of an atom, as a smallmind, expanding into infinite, constantly?

what if the universe was listening to every thought i have, writing each one down as a to-do list for creation?

what if i am the universe, listening to myself, writing the list, creating?

what if the darkness is the fuel that burns away so the spark of light can grow?

what if this is the fulcrum of duality?

what if that darkness is forever turning into light on the spectrum, so that what was once light, is now the darkest of dark, fueling the comet of me through the cosmos?

what if i choose how light the darkness is, by always allowing that which does not shine to pass through me?

what if all of this continues evolving, ascending, exploding… a year from now, two years, five years?

what if at any moment, i spontaneously combusted or crystallized?

what if to all my questions, there’ll be answers?

what if i heard that for the first time in a different way?

what if asking questions means instigating the experiences of those answers?

what if, all the what ifs?

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