Monthly Archives: March 2008

one is better than two if you find the right one.

the truth is, i burgle easy words off lonely tongues who never think twice of their genius. some would say there is genius in the sheer simplicity. of both.

skip your stones on the past tonight
sip on your tears
moonshine of strife
etching the sounds of the lover’s plight
to count the years
on this wall of time

let dragons lie where they fight
flames to the heart
sleeping through life
then leave the ones beyond your sight
to kill their art
with whiskey and wine

the crack in the fabric
means nothing
the unraveling of
nothing more
the veil being lifted
and faces
being painted
with brushes
of nothing
the edges are burned
with magic
the convergence
to nothing


is the mask of the child
behind it
masking the
the nothing

uproot the mirror’s smile
and the stilettoed prince
and all his paupers
become a shallow muse
unto himself
the funhouse myths
and bastard truths
upon the breast of marching ants
suckling the fuse

the world, in addition to being a vampire, is a treasure. bye.

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