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what i iz learning’d:

that sitting with a tree is like sitting with an old, wise friend. that i’m addicted to natural things like figs and cashews and serenity. that even cute things are annoying when they’re needy, but still, Love is considerate. that i’m inclined to re-structure in constructing my various expressions. that the miniscule moment when the pieces first fit is bliss, with brain-side fireworks. that this playground is a hodge-podge of child-people with varying degrees of wisdom, knowledge, experience and emotional wherewithal. sometimes i’m the duck, sometimes i’m the goose; sometimes i’m off to the side playing tether ball. and finally, again, that i must use my power for good.

a bit

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new peeks.

just one of the benefits of having a ridiculously talented sister. photos by Athena Lobit. posing by Alyssa Lobit.

they’ve been added to the gallery on if you just can’t get enough.

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this is the montage.

the part where all sorts of shifts and learnings occur, and the minutes, hours and days in between are cross-dissolved into obscurity. only it’s in slow-mo, sans edits, so it’s a little less watchable by others. but the pieces feel like a nice stretch in the morning, complete with audio. pop! ahhh.

“Just keep your longing burning, aflame; don’t lose heart. Your longing is the seed of your spirituality. Your longing is the beginning of the ultimate union with existence.” – OSHO

and here’s a rare illustration of a real-time montage of sorts, covering so much of life in under a minute. note that the subject places his finger in danger on purpose the second time. i’ve done that before. but it all ends smiling…

keep it real, rockstars. <3

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"winter always turns into spring." -Nichiren

yes, it does. (thank you allen ♥)
and yes, i stopped to take pictures of proof (thank you mom ♥)

and yes, spring doesn’t officially start until march 20th, but i’m not gonna send it back just cuz it came a couple days early. (you’re welcome ♥)

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prezzy view = shizzy photo

this picture took a thousand words and smooshed it into one: smoggy. oh weo. it happens sometimes.

actually, after further review, i realize: the view is pretty in the pic, too. it’s just not what my eyes saw! marinate on that…

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three things & some change:

1. after a while, wearing a gas mask feels normal. which is a bit freaky.

2. athena and i finally re-worked our short: “life, still.

this will probably always be one of my faves. those are all still images!

3. the moon looked glorious tonight.

. . . . . . .

(bricolage’d from various writings, AKA plagiarizing myself.)

my mind attempts to own my soul
the cracks are here to let the light shine through
and finally
these masks called faces fall away
i am growing my heart to fit the love coming in
and the love going out is easy
this morning i saw the sun,
a ray hitting a building in a way
that was new
but felt like years ago
fresh and nice,
not weighed down by anything

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ear plugs make me sick.

as in, they give me sickness. as in, if i wear them, i get the flu. wtf, yo.

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