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YAY! just got my first CSA bag. so pretty and all organic. get in mah belly!


Roger Waters: The Wall was the best show i’ve ever seen. yeah, it was THAT good. my dad had seen it in 1980! he took us last night and it was a blast. i remember first listening to this album on our long road trips to Oklahoma from the age of 7 or so. maybe earlier? yes, my dad is a cool mofo <3

a truly remarkable experience, engaging every sense, including the ones we can’t see.

fear builds walls,
let’s tear them all down~


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someone’s gotta start the dance party.


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i didn’t think to stand up, i remained at a crawl.

things i’ve learned lucid dreaming: to walk on a wall, i simply re-frame my perspective of up and down. gravity remains intact, so that it is still possible to fall (gravity is necessary to keep my body from flying off into the air willy nilly, as i would in zero-gravity space).

so this:

became this:

…except that the wall isn’t what moved 90 degrees clockwise. my mind did.

next time i’ll choose a wider wall so that standing up will be an obvious choice and i can move from being on all fours to standing on my twos.

now, flying was easier, as it was wide open and free, but sometimes spidering up a wall will come in handy, i’m sure.

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world wide wib (that’s me)

i’ve moved all my existing online writings into this one blog. it took a long time, so you’d better enjoy it :P

for a map of the void, see the about section.

so yeah, here it is. the grand re-opening of alyssa in wonderland. now accepting compliments.


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SOOOOO proud of my soul sister and brother from another mother!!!

alana and nate, gettin down with the get-down!! their ideas, their designs, their amazing manifestation:

and more and moRE and MORE!!!
<3 <3 <3

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the glorious dawn that awaits dances on the insides of my eyelids like the scent of apple pie

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spoons for noses mean flowers taste good.

i was gonna post about chemtrails, but decided it’s a better use of my energies to just bust those “clouds” with my third eye when i see them (or maybe transmute them into love clouds, which will rain down upon all of humanity, opening up fourth chakras worldwide). so, instead i will use this post to announce that i love my offbeat family, i cherish my unique friends, and i am open to more and more and more <3

(i couldn’t get the spoon to stick on my nose, so instead i devoured dessert.)

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tomorrow the dead dance and i’ll fit right in

(photo by athena lobit, featuring julie becker and alyssa lobit)

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