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the holiday edition.

happy yule, solstice, christmas, hannukah, etc., whatever floats your boat. for me, this time of year isn’t exactly a birthday party for baby jesus–but hey, any reason to party is good with me. for me, it’s a time when “adults” play pretend again and dress up their houses with sparkling lights and give gifts to loved ones and make sweet things to over-eat and drink things they might normally not (i don’t like eggs! but pass the mofo eggnog) and the keywords are “merry” and “happy” and “joy”. sounds good to me ;)

i would review my year, but i really (finally?) don’t feel the need to. i love you all. yes, ALL OF YOU. period. thanks for making it fun <3

happy two thousand and eleven, earthlings! i’m excited for the part that happens next…….

a lo’bit

p.s. i’m not a religion, but if i was, i would have one tenet: love yourself and do unto others. wait, maybe i am a religion? and yes, i know that’s kinda two things, but they really work best together.

p.p.s. i don’t know why that was a p.s., either.

p.p.p.s. live long and prosper <3

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for an ideal experience, play along with your imaginary drum set

and make some room to dance about.

present company <3
(thanksies wabsy)

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