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and then, at the witching hour…

my name was called…

yes, friends and lovers, this is the collision of life and art. try not to rubberneck. tomorrow i am among friends… and i am bernadette.

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les do dis!

first day of shooting on Among Friends is tomorrow! :D let’s see how a world looks once it’s been pushed out of my brain and through my fingertips. more colorful, more detailed… more bloody? weeeeeheeeeeee!~

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among friends. my next mov(i)e.

so that script i blogged about a little bit ago is in pre-production! it seems like we were working towards this milestone for so long, but it’s only been a couple months. weird how time is like silly putty. i wonder if space is, too ;)

peep these if you’re curious:
Among Friends press release

i printed out my script today and got all nerdy with it, as i like to do. this helps me with my anxiety, but there’s also something deeper at play. each day before we shoot a scene, i’ll take the cute leetel mini post-it off. by the day we wrap, there will be none. it’s this odd but physical reflection of the work i do as an actress. because you know, you’re shooting and shooting and there’s nothing really to show for it yet. but when i look at a clean-edged script, i can see that, i don’t know… that i did something.

it’s time to go down another rabbit hole. i’m looking at it and i can’t see the bottom, which is both thrilling and terrifying. there’s this voice down there that i can only hear with my heart, telling me to jump. perhaps that’s just my own echo? either way, here i go…….

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little dragon. new love <3

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