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One Man’s Trash

I’m thick in the middle of post, nearing the mix for Among Friends. Also been moving forward in development on It’s All Love. With no time to spare to even go to the grocery store or bathroom half the time, I figured now would be a good time to finally get One Man’s Trash up on youtube ;) I guess I’ve been thinking about my roots as a filmmaker… and needed a good laugh. Maybe you do, too. Enjoy!

ONE MAN’S TRASH: A look inside the lives of yard sale fanatics.

Written and Directed by: Alyssa Lobit; Produced by: Athena Lobit
Starring: Cami Black, Eric Espinoza, Donna Grayson, Chris Hink, Dagney Kerr, Tom Jermain, Alana Lobit, Alyssa Lobit, Jason Stiff, Renee Weltzien and introducing Chantlo the Chihuahua.

Inspired by life and Christopher Guest, Best in Show, Waiting For Guffman and This Is Spinal Tap.

This was the first short I shot with the Canon XL1, after tearing through Rodriguez’s Rebel Without A Crew. It’s fucking hilarious. I’m not bragging about my skills here: The actors really brought life to these characters and a lot of the script was improvised. It really deserves to be a feature length film. But let me finish up a few things first…

-A Lo

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