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ya just gotta go deep. and it’s not always the prettiest picture on the wall, but it is definitely art, because it is an expression that could not have existed any other way.

now, i realize that i can sometimes live for long periods of time underwater and that it’s a good idea to come up every now and then. but, did you know that human civilization knows more about space than it does about the earth’s oceans? i believe in this AND that, not this OR that, so we should explore in both directions :) inward forever, outward forever.

on another note, i wonder what the world would be like if we replaced the word for “God” with “Life”. in fact, go full monty and replace all of these types of words with “life”, i.e. All That Is, Spirit, Allah, Buddha, Source, even Nothing. IN LIFE WE TRUST. well, do we? do i? pray to Life, ask Life for help, get pissed at Life, return to Life, let Life take the reins, believe in Life. hmmm. that last one is interesting. belief in life makes my brain fold in on itself. whether or not i believe in it, it’s certainly here. i’ve explored “reality” from so many perspectives, and the last one i landed on is on a post-it (where all major revelations go): “this is as real as it gets.” that’s to say, even if all of this is a hologram, or an illusion, it’s still what’s happening, what is being.

i’d tweeted this thought, but no one reads those, haha (not that anyone reads this, but i digress), so here it is again. what if the first breath was an exhale, not an inhale? when i breathe this way, everything changes. well, to be more precise, i change.

enough rambles for now.

[this is an old draft i decided to publish after all. still applies.]

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