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by me and others

inspired by a photo:

this looks like a yoga pose. i bet yogis looked to trees for poses… i think trees are planet earth’s wisest beings, having figured out how to be still and yet grow at the same time.

photo © Athena Lobit.
south korea, 2011.

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tomorrow the dead dance and i’ll fit right in

(photo by athena lobit, featuring julie becker and alyssa lobit)

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new arts.

noodle doodles by me.

taming the rose. (found images; photo by athena lobit)

come what may. (found images; photo by athena lobit)

traveling light. (found images; photo by athena lobit)

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me love you

in case you missed it, new pics are up from our chinatown shoot. photos, hair and make-up by Athena Lobit. special thanks to Alana Lobit. props to Alyssa Lobit for not falling down. really.

exciting news about The Things We Carry coming soon, coming soon…

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three things & some change:

1. after a while, wearing a gas mask feels normal. which is a bit freaky.

2. athena and i finally re-worked our short: “life, still.

this will probably always be one of my faves. those are all still images!

3. the moon looked glorious tonight.

. . . . . . .

(bricolage’d from various writings, AKA plagiarizing myself.)

my mind attempts to own my soul
the cracks are here to let the light shine through
and finally
these masks called faces fall away
i am growing my heart to fit the love coming in
and the love going out is easy
this morning i saw the sun,
a ray hitting a building in a way
that was new
but felt like years ago
fresh and nice,
not weighed down by anything

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ear plugs make me sick.

as in, they give me sickness. as in, if i wear them, i get the flu. wtf, yo.

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experimental awesomes.

photos by athena and her holga aka “holgie” cuz everything is funner with a little pizzazz. like so.

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"Be courageous enough to grow into the flower you are meant to be."

“flora” by nicoletta ceccoli

athena brought back some art from a curio in amsterdam
by nicoletta ceccoli which is absolutely to love love love.
maybe i’ll post a pic of the one she brought that i framed,
but i just adore this one, too.

when we were kids we used to dance
and spin around with our arms out wide,
and dad called us little flower girls
little flowers
hugging the sky
cuz we could
kissing the sun

[here's "angelica" framed]

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