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One Man’s Trash

I’m thick in the middle of post, nearing the mix for Among Friends. Also been moving forward in development on It’s All Love. With no time to spare to even go to the grocery store or bathroom half the time, I figured now would be a good time to finally get One Man’s Trash up on youtube ;) I guess I’ve been thinking about my roots as a filmmaker… and needed a good laugh. Maybe you do, too. Enjoy!

ONE MAN’S TRASH: A look inside the lives of yard sale fanatics.

Written and Directed by: Alyssa Lobit; Produced by: Athena Lobit
Starring: Cami Black, Eric Espinoza, Donna Grayson, Chris Hink, Dagney Kerr, Tom Jermain, Alana Lobit, Alyssa Lobit, Jason Stiff, Renee Weltzien and introducing Chantlo the Chihuahua.

Inspired by life and Christopher Guest, Best in Show, Waiting For Guffman and This Is Spinal Tap.

This was the first short I shot with the Canon XL1, after tearing through Rodriguez’s Rebel Without A Crew. It’s fucking hilarious. I’m not bragging about my skills here: The actors really brought life to these characters and a lot of the script was improvised. It really deserves to be a feature length film. But let me finish up a few things first…

-A Lo

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“there’s a hole in your soul like an animal”

i can’t divulge how i came to reconnect with this song or i will out myself as a total geek, but god damn, this is a good one! also, as unrelated as this video featuring race-car-driving, i recently drove a nascar. full suit and gear, strapped into the car like i was literally part of it. i had a moment where i got claustrophobic… when they pinned the netting into the side window and i couldn’t see anything except a narrow, hazy, rectangular view straight in front of me. i thought, “i don’t know if i can do this.” i almost puked. i almost screamed and asked them to let me out. instead, i took a long, deep breath that lasted for what felt like the last one, and said internally, “no. i will do this. i may die. i don’t know. but i’m going to go with where i find myself at this moment. i am going to be right here and do this”–which happened to be wedged into a car that, by the way, is built to fly apart on impact, such that i would conceivably be unharmed if i crashed. sounds like life… supernova steez.

i survived… got into it… enjoyed it, even. hmmm.

-a lo

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hot out of the oven…

the teaser for Among Friends :) go forth, little baby, and spread like wildfire… !

Among Friends (Horror Feature)
Directed by: Danielle Harris
Screenplay by: Alyssa Lobit
Produced by: Jennifer Blanc-Biehn, Athena Lobit
Editor: Vance Crofoot
Director of Photography: John Orphan
Song: “We Will Never Go Home” Produced and Written by Bill Burke, Vocals by Destiny O’Dempsey

Cast: Christopher Backus, Jennifer Blanc, AJ Bowen, Dana Daurey, Brianne Davis, Kane Hodder, Kamala Jones, Alyssa Lobit, Chris Meyer.

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little dragon. new love <3

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because now is the time to self actualize.

and because this is how music amplifies and underscores.
integration = more than what it was before
this will always be siiiiiiiiick . . .

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Sinead O´Connor – “Women of Ireland”

There’s a woman in Ireland who’d give me a gem and my fill to drink,
There’s a woman in Ireland to whom my singing is sweeter than the music of strings
There’s a woman in Ireland who would much prefer me leaping
Than laid in the clay and my belly under the sod

There’s a woman in Ireland who’d envy me if I got naught but a kiss
From a woman at a fair, isn’t it strange, and the love I have for them
There’s a woman I’d prefer to a battalion, and a hundred of them whom I will never get
And an ugly, swarthy man with no English has a beautiful girl

There’s a woman who would say that if I walked with her I’d get the gold
And there’s the woman of the shirt whose mien is better than herds of cows
With a woman who would deafen baile an mhaoir and the plain of tyrone
And I see no cure for my disease but to give up the drink


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why not.

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for an ideal experience, play along with your imaginary drum set

and make some room to dance about.

present company <3
(thanksies wabsy)

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YAY! just got my first CSA bag. so pretty and all organic. get in mah belly!


Roger Waters: The Wall was the best show i’ve ever seen. yeah, it was THAT good. my dad had seen it in 1980! he took us last night and it was a blast. i remember first listening to this album on our long road trips to Oklahoma from the age of 7 or so. maybe earlier? yes, my dad is a cool mofo <3

a truly remarkable experience, engaging every sense, including the ones we can’t see.

fear builds walls,
let’s tear them all down~


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someone’s gotta start the dance party.


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SOOOOO proud of my soul sister and brother from another mother!!!

alana and nate, gettin down with the get-down!! their ideas, their designs, their amazing manifestation:

and more and moRE and MORE!!!
<3 <3 <3

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the glorious dawn that awaits dances on the insides of my eyelids like the scent of apple pie

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i’ll just be here, watching this, ad infinitum.

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we are humans being, happening’d.

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out damn’d spot!

the sun rained down
on the grassy green
landing on its back
kicking at the wind
trying to right itself
as the telltale tree
watched giggling
like a ragdoll dream
all floppy and clean
dancing legless
pinned to a bright blue screen


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(this video goes with my cliff meets sea tweet)

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it’s called love, people!

when curiosity and cuddling supersede survival instincts.


*addendum: or is this what happens only once basic needs are met? kitty knew she had a feast in mama baboon, so then it became play time. hmmm. still love, methinks.

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my favorite drink is water.

i like the crispness of her voice. it’s like putting hot feet in a cool, bubbling mountain stream.

true story. i want the ride down the river. sometimes i forget, but hearing this awakens the truth

a master speaks…

welcome home little feeshies.

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