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“there’s a hole in your soul like an animal”

i can’t divulge how i came to reconnect with this song or i will out myself as a total geek, but god damn, this is a good one! also, as unrelated as this video featuring race-car-driving, i recently drove a nascar. full suit and gear, strapped into the car like i was literally part of it. i had a moment where i got claustrophobic… when they pinned the netting into the side window and i couldn’t see anything except a narrow, hazy, rectangular view straight in front of me. i thought, “i don’t know if i can do this.” i almost puked. i almost screamed and asked them to let me out. instead, i took a long, deep breath that lasted for what felt like the last one, and said internally, “no. i will do this. i may die. i don’t know. but i’m going to go with where i find myself at this moment. i am going to be right here and do this”–which happened to be wedged into a car that, by the way, is built to fly apart on impact, such that i would conceivably be unharmed if i crashed. sounds like life… supernova steez.

i survived… got into it… enjoyed it, even. hmmm.

-a lo

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inspired by a photo:

this looks like a yoga pose. i bet yogis looked to trees for poses… i think trees are planet earth’s wisest beings, having figured out how to be still and yet grow at the same time.

photo © Athena Lobit.
south korea, 2011.

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YAY! just got my first CSA bag. so pretty and all organic. get in mah belly!


Roger Waters: The Wall was the best show i’ve ever seen. yeah, it was THAT good. my dad had seen it in 1980! he took us last night and it was a blast. i remember first listening to this album on our long road trips to Oklahoma from the age of 7 or so. maybe earlier? yes, my dad is a cool mofo <3

a truly remarkable experience, engaging every sense, including the ones we can’t see.

fear builds walls,
let’s tear them all down~


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this is the montage.

the part where all sorts of shifts and learnings occur, and the minutes, hours and days in between are cross-dissolved into obscurity. only it’s in slow-mo, sans edits, so it’s a little less watchable by others. but the pieces feel like a nice stretch in the morning, complete with audio. pop! ahhh.

“Just keep your longing burning, aflame; don’t lose heart. Your longing is the seed of your spirituality. Your longing is the beginning of the ultimate union with existence.” – OSHO

and here’s a rare illustration of a real-time montage of sorts, covering so much of life in under a minute. note that the subject places his finger in danger on purpose the second time. i’ve done that before. but it all ends smiling…

keep it real, rockstars. <3

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good morning.

this is how i meditate.

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